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Gatihnar Gaming was developed as a reliable and affordable MUD/MOO/MUSH hosting provider. It is based on proven technology both at the server level, and the fault tolerant level. Our servers are run as VMware virtual machines on solid physical hardware with redundant network adapters, and replicated to completely separate hardware to ensure uptime and prevent data loss.

All servers are backed up nightly, connected to network managed battery backup units, and protected by an enterprise class firewall.

Our email hosting is filtered using a state of the art spam and antivirus filter, including quarantine and white list features.

All packages include free spam filtering and nightly backups. Packages start as low as $10.00 per month. Billing can be annual, semi-annual, or quarterly. (Sorry, monthly billing is not available.)

Supported MU* Servers:
Base Package Includes: Intermediate Package Includes: Advanced Package Includes:
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